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          Party Pack 15

          Party Pack 15

          Brand :BLUEFLAME

          Product origin :CHINA

          Delivery time :15 DAYS

          Glow Party Pack 15

          Item no.: Display 15   

          packing: 1 display/carton

          MASTER CARTON SIZE:  46X19X95 CM

          GW:  9.5 Kgs / Carton  

          NW:  8.9 kgs / Carton

          Qty/20GP:  330cartons

          Qty/40HC:  780cartons

          OEM of package:  yes

          MOQ:  100 cartons

          Product ListQuantity Per DisplayBox
          Tri-color glow necklace (XLD5580-3)22
          Glow bracelet with Beads (ZZD5200)10
          Glow candle (LZD15150)18
          Glow stick with hook (DBD15150)18
          Glow whistle (KSD15160)14
          Glow eyeglass in heart shape (YJD5190)12
          Glow bracelet(SZD5200)16
          Glow stick with pigsney part(XYJ10200)16
          Glow eyeglass(YJD5200)16
          Glow stick(DBD10100)12
          Glow rainbow Ball (GQD5200)6
          Glow Earring (EHD5160)18

          Glow hairpin with flower part (FJD5200/H)

          Display Box1

          Main Features:

          1) Glowing time: 4-6 hours, Storage life: 1-2 years.

          2) Non-toxic, non-flammable, non-radioactive,  no battery required.

          3) Conform to EN71 and ASTM F963 standards.
          4) OEM acceptable.
          5) Application: Festival (Halloween/Chrismas), Celebration, Party, Bars, Concert,

                                 Dance hall, Camping, Banquet,  Carnivals  , Outing field.